Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bulls Eye

The Guys at Animade have created this brilliant concept called 'Full Secs' where they get animators to make 1 second films.

Me and a couple of the guys where I'm working made one during our lunch breaks. It was a really fun thing to do and I really recommend doing one.

Here's my Submission 

Bulls Eye from Tim McCourt on Vimeo.


Kirun said...

hahaha AWESOME! are you making more?

R Silva said...

Seen already on vimeo!
I've also seen more of those, but tell me.
Can anyone enter it? I'd love to do some

messytimbo said...

Thanks Guys.

Kirun - Maybe...:)

R Silva - yeah any one can do them. Just make one and go post it to

I recommend it. really fun and really quick to do.

Leon Gittens said...

haha wicked

Richard Phelan said...

haha! Fantastic!

Kristian said...

one hundred and eight-teeee
Sweet expression
I may do one

messytimbo said...

yeah man you should fully do one!

Le Hornet said...

Thats a cool challenge. 1 sec animation and you had a cool Saying to match it, ""Bulls eye"" (Chucky doll voice) bzzzzzz