Monday, July 09, 2012



L ROSSI said...

ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh I love these *.*
The middle one in particular - love the use of tone to create the depth.

Frankie Swan said...

these are brilliant tim, love the last image, wats happening with that 'no' animation you once showed me?

libra bear said...

OOOoooh Very nice Mon Ami.I really like your line on these. The 2nd One feels like its telling a story. And because I like it so much I too will give you 10pts

Kristian said...

Wes I will raise you. I say 100 Points!
Lovely drawings Tim. Good use of space. I agree with wes. They feel cinematic.

Le Hornet said...

Middle one is ill man Nice to capture the everyday emotions. bzzzzzzz


I concur, the middle one has
wonderful depth and movement.
The character nearest to the
lens with his back turned
looks like he is going to
unleash some gun shots on
the two in front.

messytimbo said...

Thanks everyone.

It's funny u picked the middle one, I wasn't even gonna post it.

glad I did now thanks to your lovely comments ;)