Sunday, February 05, 2012


This is a Concept piece or look frame for a really, really small piece of animation i'm gonna do.
I was mucking around in flash, and I ended up with some animation I liked so I've decided to colour it up and stick a background on it. The boy isn't a final design, I just wanted to see what colours to make him against the Background.

I'm trying to build upon this new direction of work and skills I'm learning. hopefully this will be the first of many little tests and experiments.


Kirun said...

you can do it maaaan!
i believe in you.

Le Hornet said...

Keep your focus G, personal test will keep you going forward. see you in the stars.

Don Flores said...

love everything about this one.

Kristian said...

Darn! I swear down I left a comment already.
I love the direction your work is going. I am desperate to see how this turns out. You are the inspiration.

Le Hornet said...

yeah he had, now to see if he becomes complete, children have a funny way of showing your reality.

old school metal gear 2 flashbacks of secondary, yet it's still quite relevant.

Richard Phelan said...

Yes! Love it! I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going.

messytimbo said...

Cheers guys!

I've actually clean up the animation I wanted to do, but I added some more to it, so now I've gotta clean that up as well. you'll have to wait a little longer :)