Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here's another one. These are fun to do. but I'm writing the text after the images. and I'm drawing them with no story in mind. Just using the text to glue the panels together. which is interesting, makes the whole process spontaneous which is enjoyable. The next one I do might be a gmail chat one (like I mentioned in the last post). I might have to get the ok with the people I've been chatting to online before I do it though hahaha.

Strip 1

I Really, really wanna do a comic. But I keep putting it off because I've not done any sequential work. Even when I think of a little idea for some small sequential pieces as practise for something bigger, I become put off because I feel like I'm gonna mess that idea up because i've not done sentential work before. And there I stay in that ridiculous paradox.

So now I'm just gonna start drawing and write as I go along.
I also though I might use some of my Gmail chats as a kind dialogue for small comic pieces. That way I can't get bogged down in the idea, or the writing and just concentrate on the panels.

I'm gonna try and do more of these.