Friday, October 28, 2011

Little Dracula


libra bear said...

I really like this, really solid head. nice one man.

"TORI CAT" said...

Hey dude!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!!
How the heck are ya man!! Loooong time, no speak!!
I saw your 'E4 man' add on the TV the other day and i was sooo excited!! Iv seen it a couple of times since and each time iv been so happy!! I was meant to write to u to tell ya as soon as i saw it!! :D
Hope its going well for you and gets you guys some great publicity!! :)

Hows tricks? Wot you up to at the mo?
Seen you have been working with an old friend of mine, "Mike". He is a top guy and incredible artist!! :)

Im good, still slowly recovering (Still very sore) and busy on getting my book ready for print next week. Going back out to LA in a few weeks, so busy getting stuff ready for that, bla bla bla....

I LOVE your 'dicking about' blog!! AHhh haha ha!! Its bloody brilliant!! Im always looking for the perfect willy to contribute to your collection! :D

Anyhoo, hopw all is going well dude!!
I'll let you know if im ever in the big smoke.... wud be ace to see you and have a catch up with you and 'Mr Louis'.

Take care buddy and keep posting the great work man!!
I'll make sure to swing by again soon!!
(By the way, LOVING all of your observational sketch book studies!! Lovely line work dude!! Very strong stuff!! Also, really diggin your blog header.... the animation makes a great touch!!)

All the best and lots a loves,

Kristian said...

Love this. he also reminds me of a young Spock.!

Le Hornet said...

What dont you add a beak but keep the color, I'm no critic, what I'm trying to say is draw Ducula. also check my new video on my blog, and I took that twitter advice you lot gave me. Thanks