Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Here you are Frankie Part 2



L ROSSI said...

Cool! I'm really impressed with your perspective stuff - they really give a great sense of depth and space.... And especially impressive if you went straight in with pen! I think I need to practice perspective more :/

Kristian said...

I agree with big Rossi. Your perspective skills are impressive, I love the downcast commuters on the final image.

Frankie Swan said...

ha i feel extremely privilege to get not one but two post from u! these are sick the landscapes are well nice, they feel like they have a lot energy. but the last image wins it for me. howd you manage to draw that all in??and im guessing you were standing. man i need to draw even more!! impressive as ever my friend.
my jedi senses tell me that your working on something cool again- let me see immediately!

Frankie Swan said...

i really love the last image man.