Thursday, August 18, 2011



Frankie Swan said...

the second image looks like a great character design!i love the shape of his face. your characters up (please) they were sweet, esp the basketball one.

L ROSSI said...

HEY! this is a mega monster banger of a post!! :P
Love the second image - kind of reminds me of the sculpts you see at the Rodin Museum!
And that young woman side profile is loooovely!
Hope you're keeping well!

Kristian said...

Once again McCourt is in session. 
Where do I start !?
The image that stood out for me has to be img10   The guy with his armed folded.  Great simplicity. Yet he feels solid and perfectly formed. Then there's the blue shaded drawing. What a treat.  All of them in fact are sweet.  
And as Rossi said that profile is sublime.

Anonymous said...

Great drawings, particuarly the guy with the turban (nice expression!). Also just dropping by to say thanks for the feedback you gave at the LAS screening on thursday.

H.Xiao said...

nice and warm sketches^^
lovin your animation very much~