Friday, July 22, 2011

Here you are Frankie :)

I saw yesterday that Titan books have Re-issued Andrew Loomis book 'Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth'. This is one of the best books on figure drawing ever. It's been out of print for 50 years or something. Pdf copies have been circulating around the net for a few years now and i think there been all sorts of online petitions trying to get this book reprinted, and thankfully it must have worked!

before if you wanted a copy it would have set you back around £100 if you could find something on amazon with a copy, now you can get it for £29!!

Hopefully they'll reprint his others, like 'Heads and hand'


Kristian said...

The last drawing is my new Tim favourite. It has all the excitement of a Lowry. Those super sculpey hands are especially strong, You can really draw man.

Chris Cormier said...

Great drawings, Tim, and thanks for the tip on the Loomis book(s). They look fantastic! Much appreciated.

Frankie Swan said...

haha wicked! thought i wouldn't see these gems again. bet your holding back on more beauts thou.
cheers for sharing Tim.
second image is my fav.
hmm i am intrigued by this book.

messytimbo said...

Cheers guys!

Frankie - yeah there's some more coming that i've scanned, thought i'd spread them out over a couple of posts. And get that book if you've got a spare £29.99, you'll love it! it's a must have!

L ROSSI said...

I also love the hands and the 'pret a manger' pic! :)
Any news on E4 man??

messytimbo said...

Cheers mr Rossi! i think it's the 5th of august when we find out if we've made the cut


Splendid drawings bro, I really like the landscape building drawing you've done!

I'm going to get these books now.

libra bear said...

Impressive hands, they feel like they have muscle and bone underneath. Also liking the environment drawings as well. Awesome!