Thursday, July 07, 2011

E4 Man

Me and Wes have Directed an Ident for E4's E Stings 2011 competition.

If you like it, please click here and vote 'yay' for our Ident

The music was Sung and composed by the very talented Rina May

And we were lucky enough to have our very talented friend Kristian Antonelli pitch in with some animation.

Hope you enjoy.


Kristian said...

It looks great guys. Nice work
mans got the Glo, ya heard!

Alex Boakye said...

Tim; bruv.................... you smashed it. This E4 ident is so funky- from E4 Man himself and his ultra-cool demeanour, to the sassy jingle. Even the Rick James-esque hairstyle one of his badass chicks is rocking is just too deep.

I seriously can't stop playing this clip, everyone please vote to have this video chosen!

Very Well done Tim, Wes and all involved!!!

messytimbo said...

K- Thanks mate, and thanks for you superb animation.

Alex- Cheers bro!!! I'm so glad you like it this much :) it put a big smile on my face to read this message. I'm glad you liked the jingle as well. There's talks of it being made into a full track hahaha, that's be heavy, i hope that happens.

L ROSSI said...

Curl up and get down!!
Awesome dude!! Love it! I'll be voting!

"TORI CAT" said...

You have my vote guys!!!
Im loving what you have done!! its certainly the best!!
Iv also made a link on Face book to get people to vote for you on there too!!
The song is sooo catchy!! Iv been singing it all day!! Hee hee!!!
Great job as always guys!!!
I think you 3 need to set up your own studio as directing partners!!! you all work so well together!!! :D
Much love,

Frankie Swan said...

hey btw i remember seeing a sketchbook full of awesome drawings belonging to you, when are you gonna share those??

Paul said...

enjoying it a lot !

messytimbo said...

L Rossi - Cheeeeeeeeer Bruva!

Tori - Thanks, i'm really pleased you liked it :) and thanks for sharing it! Studio? yes, maybe one day :)

Frankie - there coming baby, there coming.

Paul - your the best!!! around!!!

Kristian said...

I'm with Tori on that one. A studio would be amazing.

Ebony Irony said...

Sooooo funny! It was like watching the Soul Glo bit in Coming to America all over again!