Friday, July 22, 2011

Here you are Frankie :)

I saw yesterday that Titan books have Re-issued Andrew Loomis book 'Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth'. This is one of the best books on figure drawing ever. It's been out of print for 50 years or something. Pdf copies have been circulating around the net for a few years now and i think there been all sorts of online petitions trying to get this book reprinted, and thankfully it must have worked!

before if you wanted a copy it would have set you back around £100 if you could find something on amazon with a copy, now you can get it for £29!!

Hopefully they'll reprint his others, like 'Heads and hand'

Thursday, July 07, 2011

E4 Man

Me and Wes have Directed an Ident for E4's E Stings 2011 competition.

If you like it, please click here and vote 'yay' for our Ident

The music was Sung and composed by the very talented Rina May

And we were lucky enough to have our very talented friend Kristian Antonelli pitch in with some animation.

Hope you enjoy.