Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tank Girl - In Smoking

It's just been post on cartoonbrew!
Cartoon brew is one of my favourite animation sites, I feel really proud to have a piece of my work posted on it. Thanks CB!

So finally finished it.

This is based on these two panels from Jamie Hewlett's the Comic 'Tank Girl the Odyssey'

I animated this using Flash and composited in After Effects.

I might make a habit out of animating comic panels that i like. It's a nice way to work in different styles. It's also cool because you can treat the panels as layouts.

Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

TOTALLY RAD TIMOTHY! If you ever decide to make a film, please may I be a part of it, I'm tank girl's superfan.

messytimbo said...

hahaha Lets do it! tank girl fan film hahaha, i'm totally down for that :)

Glad you liked it!

Kristian said...

So good it pains me! I'm so impressed brother. Awesome piece!

L ROSSI said...

Awesome! :)
You should send it to them and they might ask you to do the whole series!
I love the smoke effects.
You could have done the voice over though for what she says in the text - can you do a Tank Girl accent? :D
Look forward to the next!

Paul Bloomfield said...

Lovely bit of style and rendering. Great stuff Tim!

libra bear said...

I really impressed with this. Its a good platform to practice from. May take a leaf out of your book

Vida Vega said...

rather lovely mr mccourt!
well done.

the basil's doing well by the way ;)

messytimbo said...

Thanks Guys!

Mr Rossi - yeah that's a good idea, i think at the very least it need some sound effects.

Ms Vega - hahahahaha Basil Goes well in a big mac I've heard ;)

Richard Phelan said...

Great idea and the final result looked fantastic! Are you planning more comic book styles?

Frankie Swan said...

dude this looks amazing. loving the smoke and you drawings are so accurate. nice one man.

phil stebbing said...

very cool.


I like how she move's bro, flows well and the smoke blowing is a triumph.

Geoff King said...

I agree with Laurent! Some sound and maybe comic style text would make this feel like a film extract.
I'm interested to see more!