Friday, April 08, 2011

Tank Girl Smoking Animation

I animated this based on a panel from Jamie Hewlett's 'Tank Girl - The Odyssey'
I Just love Hewlett's work, and the 'the Odyssey' my favorite Tank Girl comic. I was searching online to see if anyones done any TG fan animation, and other than the animated sections from the film (which are amazing!) I couldn't find any. So I thought being an animator I'd give it a shot.

I've still gotta add smoke, shadow levels and colour it.
I'll post it when it's done.

I also might animate the next panel and cut them together.


Kristian said...

This is incredible. It's like Hewlett had done it himself. I love the slight tilt at the end of the action.
Great work

Frankie Swan said...

ah man i was gonna mention the head tilt!brilliant

L ROSSI said...

This is coooool! :) I'd love to see a sequence!
(I've always wanted to try and animate a series of comic panels - they act like a storyboard and have the key poses already done!)

Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen said...

This is looking really cool! Everyone knows fan art, but fan animation!? What a great idea man!
Looking forward to seeing the final clip.

messytimbo said...

Cheers guys! I nice to hear this kinda feedback. It'll inspire me to finish it. I think I'll definitely do the next panel as well.

Kristoffer - Fan animation! yeah lets start that trend :)

Sophian said...

Can't wait to see it with shadows and FX!

Paul said...

sweet bro !!!

emmanuel said...

hey !
i watched youre film in the park, and i liked it verry much, good grafism, good idea, well done, the whole team, , .

Le Hornet said...

I though tank girl was skinny, the movie version? none the less i await the final product.

arzu said...

very cool!

bac-à-sable said...

this is really nice! :)

Ken said...

Yeh lovin it! Did you do it in flash?

messytimbo said...

thanks everyone!

Le hornet - yeah tank girl is not normally fat, but at the start of this comic she is.

Emmanuel - thanks for watching the film! i'm very pleased you liked it!

Kenny - yeah it was all done in flash

"TORI CAT" said...

hey timmmmmmmy,
It will look lush to see this all rendered up with smoke fx etc:)
Hope you r keeping well?
all the best,


Dana said...

Beautiful and clean - just the kinda stuff I like. Did you do this in Toon Boom?

Anonymous said...

Really dig this Tim, such clean animation you should be really proud of this Tim!

Dana said...

Flash? Seriously? Looks like an animated ink drawing, props for being that great.

messytimbo said...

Thanks Tori and Kim.

Dana - yeah it's all flash.