Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Coming Soon...

Here's a Screen grab from a short film I Directed with Wesley Louis Called 'Drawing Inspiration'

The films Not 100% finished as I we've not finalized the sound yet. But It should hopefully be up online very soon.

Click HERE to got to the films blog you can see production work and a very Lovely making of which Wes just made with designs and animation he did for the film.


Frankie Swan said...

brilliant Tim!this is just what i needed to see before starting a day of animation!i showed steve the making of and he was really impressed with your work. i hope that one day i will get at least one fifth as good as you guys.
love the hands in your last post.
keep up the inspiration

Kristian said...

Hotly tipped for an Oscar I believe.

Michal Olgierd Konstantynowicz (rumun) said...

can't wait to see the whole beauty of it

Le Hornet said...

Now I see your hearts work. here is a link minas sister had, you would like this, inspiring to all animators.