Friday, December 10, 2010



Kristian said...

Sweet profile on the middle one. Always a difficult angle..Yet it looks like you had no struggle at all.

Anonymous said...

Lovely fluid sketches, I like the usage of a lined pad also! Sometimes I can sketch quicker and easier against the lines than on plain paper... is that just me?

messytimbo said...

thanks guys.

yeah kim i kinda know what you mean. i think it's to do with having the lines as reference for proportions or something. it's kinda helped me when i'm drawing buildings and stuff. but those drawings still suck. maybe i need more lines on my pages hahahaha

L ROSSI said...

I like how the 2nd and 3rd occupy the space over the double-page spread...... whether intentional or not, they fit perfectly!
I often start something, and then run out of room! :)
Hope all's well with you!
Might be coming to London in Jan, so will have to give you a shout!