Wednesday, October 06, 2010



Kristian said...

The silhouette of the bottom iage is great. Nicely composed

Frankie Swan said...

thanks for stopping by again tim. thats great to hear u think i am improving, im starting to feel so much more confident now and ur feedback helps. i am really just following ur advise and making sure i draw every day. i now draw on the tubes all the time, i actually find it really enjoyable, a kind of escapism from the torment of the dreaded northern line.
i plan to upload some more work later this wknd, including some animation. more feedback would be appreciated if u have the time.
oh and as usual great set of sketches- i hope to get a confident line like yours.
wow Kristians great as well!
damn u guys!l ;)

maarten said...

hey dude, im doing great, thanks mate. what about you? how is the short coming along? thanks for giving me your thoughts. Yes, i hope im still improving, its hard to be your own judge sometimes. I know i got out of the straight line patern though.. thats something.

Ken said...

Hey Tim,

likewise, it was a pleasure! Great to see the stuff you guys are working on too. Its looking really nice. Hopefully catch up with you again next time I'm in the big smoke.

And digging these sketches, personal favourite is number 2.

Talk soon!