Monday, August 30, 2010

Back with some drawings


maarten said...

hey dude, good to hear from you. and nice to see a new post, love looking at your sketches.. they feel honest and raw. I especially love the 3rd page of this bunch, that one looks the most natural, as if you did it in a few seconds without costing you any trouble.

admittedly this summer i have not drawn as much as usual. its easy giving into the pleasures of summer.. but the holidays are over again so time to start going 100 percent again.
I am GLAD to hear you think i should try animating. and if it might improve my drawing too that would be great.
I hope the internship at the animation studio is gonna work out, it looks good so far.

I did start carrying a sketchbook with me again for observational drawing.. maybe ill post some of that soon.
nice hearing from you again buddy, i will come london this year for sure.. later!

Frankie Swan said...

hi Tim
i am a big fan of your drawings.
i am trying to draw from life as much as possible but I'm still not very good. is there any advise you can give to someone who's desperately trying to improve??if u have spare moment please take a look at my blog (there u can see my attempts)
i look forward to seeing more of your posts.

Alina Chau said...

wonderful drawings!

Frankie Swan said...

thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog and giving me some inspiring advise. i will try my best to draw everyday and will definitely experiment with that technique.
the books will have to wait until payday but they look like they'll really help.
from Oct i will training in character animation at CSM (LAS) so i have been trying to prepare myself as best as i can.
i will continue to upload my work when ever possible, i hope that you can stop by my blog again sometime and provide me with more feedback.
Massive thanks again Messy Timbo!!

messytimbo said...

your welcome Frankie, good luck with the course

maarten said...

well i wasnt actually interning, the correspondence with the studio just seemed promising, but i received an email yesterday that its not gonna happen. too bad, maybe ill find some place else.. im gonna continue going on anyway. im excited to dive into animation (again) after all these years.

Kristian said...

The drawings of the children are really impressive. Children make for a challenging sketch. You have managed to capture a sincere expression.

claudi said...

hey tim, great to see some sketches of yours again. love the kids- very challenging to capture.