Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Back of the Buses


Anonymous said...

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claudi said...

Hi Tim, very nice drawings!! It's funny, I think in a few years we all will have tons of drawings of people from behind, as those are best to capture as they don't notice that they are being drawn ;D I love the subtle shading you gave them!

maarten said...

that anonymous keeps the great critiques coming.
but serious, these drawings are superbe. some of your best ever.. it really shows your experience and craftmanship.. perfect balance of black and white. really subtle. i love how you shaded the hair.
and claudi is right haha. when i was still doing a lot of observational drawing i would have so much back and profile shots. but i found a really nice waiting room with 2 benches facing eachother wich was perfect for getting people from the front and 3/4 view.

messytimbo said...

yeah maarten, mr anonymous is just amazingly helpful. I think i know who you are mr Anonymous...Your Glen Keane arn't you.

Thanks Glen, I'm such a big fan of your work, and it means a lot to me that you'd take the time to comment on my humble little blog with such insightful words.

Cheers also Claudi and maarten for your kind words. they weren't as helpful as Glen's but what can i say, he's a Pro.

Kristian said...

These are crackin fella. Both drawings are so solid. Great drama.
I'd like to quote anonymous
'online shop software kaufen oder mieten ' As that just says its all!

messytimbo said...


søren bendt said...

Great sketches here!
Maybe you'll find this interesting (if you don't know about it already)