Wednesday, January 20, 2010

more drawings


Kristian said...

the dude in the turban, contemplating is a great drawing

maarten said...

" messytimbo said...
wow thanks anonymous!

thats a really helpful comment. i think thats really gonna change the way i think about colour.

lol haha

erm erm.. yeah.

The 2nd sketch is absolutely stunning! its sketchy and loose and at the same time it shows so much detaill and shadow and light. it looks really beautifull.
i also agree with kristian.. the turban guy looks really nice. i like the way you did his hands.

i cant believe how perseverant you are man. you just keep up the observational drawing. your motivation is so inspiring to me dude. i havent done any drawing at the station for so long now. I guess ive gotten lazy. although my excuse is that i wanna focus 100% on my portfolio until april.. im sure ill pick it up again.

i hope your still doing those speed paintings.. the previous one is fantastic. you have to add that one to your portfolio for sure.

anyway, whats happening there in london? is it just as cold as here? (i cant wait for the spring man seriously. haha)
let me know how youve been doing.

maarten said...

ill just assume that you left a comment on your girlfriend her account? haha.
thanks man.
for my portfolio i also want to experiment a bit with editing the drawings without inking or clean up.

Anonymous said...

nice characterisations! i like the really simple close-up...the character is straight out of a kurosawa movie, as far as my imagination goes. Probably not, if subway :)