Sunday, December 27, 2009

Where the wild things are

I went to see where the wild things are the other day, I had high hopes for the film and I've gotta say I was a little disappointed. it was visually stunning but the story was really lacking. I did wonder how they could turn a 10 page book into a a full feature. i think it would have been a good half hour to 40 minutes film, but there definitely wasn't enough story to warrant a full feature.

I found this the other day, It's a where the wild things are test done by John Lasseter while he was still at Disney.


claudi said...

Hey Tim,
I bought the book "Where the Wild Things are" when I was in the USA in November and I had the exact same thought ;) But I didn't have a chance to watch the movie yet, so I can't really say anything yet.

Did you do the drawing on top of the post?

Hope you had a nice, relaxed Christmas-
happy new year,

messytimbo said...

yeah i did the drawing at the top. my christmas was nice and relaxed. maybe to relaxed, i've been really unproductive, finding it a little hard to get back into the swing of things

Kristian said...

happy new year bro
I really enjoyed the flick. I thought the boy was amazing! I really felt his conflicted mind. beautiful drawing bruda to start the year

maarten said...

hey dude, honestly, i have not heard of the film nor the book. haha i guess i should be ashamed of myself. ill look it up..
really great drawing.. appealing simple shape.
happy new year!