Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sketch Book Stuff

These are from my latest sketchbook. My sketchbooks are taking longer and longer to finish these days. I've started dating my sketch books and i was disgusted with my self when i saw that my last sketchbook was started on the 18th of October and i didn't start this one till the 10th of December.

New Years resolution No.1 Draw more!!!

I'll do another post soon with some more from my last book.



Very nice drawings man. I too will adopt that resolution. From tomorrow. Why wait until next year when you can start tomorrow. Oh wait I'm at work tomorrow. Next year it is. Bughhhu!

messytimbo said...

very true!! why wait indeed.

Kristian said...

Dude, I love the second drawing. It really tells the story. The central figure is wonderfully placed. the opaque window really fills the space too
As for the sketchbook discussion.
It must be in the waters. I too have suffered the curse of absentee pencil. My current pad is the worse I've done. Its practically empty as I'm disgusted by whats already in its pages. Oh well. Maybe I'll redeem myself through some other artistic endevour.

libra bear said...

Hey Dude, i really like the guys face, has a lot of character, but you can see it was drawn from life, a real gem. My new years res is to blog more.....wait, that as last year.....oh well. Call you when I get back, hope the other work is going Ok.

Mohe Zhes said...

On point!

Anonymous said...

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maarten said...

hey, well dont be ashamed, i havent done any observational drawing (aside from life drawing) at all for a loong time. Im impressed to see youve keeped it up all this time.
But you know, I dont travel by train daily. Probably only once a week, to get to the model sessions. I remember when I was doing regular observational drawing I used to take the train just so I could draw, haha, but now Im saving up for France, so I have to spend my money carefully.

anyway, great drawings, its inspiring to see you stuck with it all this time.