Sunday, December 20, 2009

Background practise

I've been Educating myself this week, i've been watching lectures on colour theory, rendering Geo-forms and watching dvd's and about background art. plus looking at a load of books.

This not a great example of this new found knowledge. It was just a quick muck about before bed. but i started liking where it was going so i finished it up. i was debating weather or not to post it, but i thought F'it, i'll post it. Maybe you guys can give me some tips?


maarten said...

wow very nice man, the colors are great, i especially like the sky and horizon.
i will send you the "linetest" once im at my dads place this weekend. cause i dont have it on this pc.

maarten said...

failed to say how great the composition is.

messytimbo said...

hey maarten! thanks for your kind words!!! you know the more i look at this piece the more i don't like it. but it's a good thing it's posted, coz in a years time i can looked back at it and see how much better i've got...hopefully :)