Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Creative Potential

I was talking to a good Friend recently and like most of the conversation I have with this particular individual, the conversation became very deep.

we were talking about the current society, social decline and the general state of unhappiness people are living in. We talked about our personal experiences of this, one in particular I experienced the day before on a bus. the conversation led to us trying to understand why people are acting in such ways, then my friend said something that made me think back to something I read recently. I told him about this book and how brilliant it was.

The book I was talking about is a drawing book by Walt stanchfield called "Drawn to life"
I recommend this book for more than what it can offer your drawing ability, it's all about the philosophy of living and being creative. It sounds strange to say as it's primarily seen as a drawing Manuel, and it is, but it offers something more about drawing than just " this is how you draw a head, and this is how you draw the foot". Walt's like, if you wanna be good at drawing, go play tennis, or go for a run, keep healthy, experience life, go on holiday, for if your not experiencing what life has to offer, how can you re-create it. I urge everyone to go and buy both volumes of this book and read it cover to cover.

Here's a quote from it that i read yesterday, it's exactly a point i was trying to make to my friend a couple of weeks ago about why i thought people are acting the way they are. this quote says it more beautifully and clearly than i did.

"Clearly and Simply, man is a creative being. if you take that away from him or if he relinquishes it himself, he is less than his potential"
-Walt stanchfield

This is a drawing I did to day to accompany my ramblings :)


Kristian said...

I love it when you share your thoughts in this way. You are as expressive in drawing as you are in text. As youknow i'm in that zone of unaccomplishment. So reading thoughts like these help enormously

claudi said...

Hey Tim, thank you so much for that post. I got a copy of "Drawn to Life" as well, and I can't tell you how much everything you wrote about it is true. These books are a goldmine full of inspiration, deep thoughts, motivation and truth and it should be a constant reminder of the path we're all trying to follow.

Thank you, Claudia

messytimbo said...

thanks guys!

Mr Haloumi as i'm sure your aware that state of unaccomplishment is the simply invertible low before the next high. it's also the a complete state of mind, you must have experienced the highs and lows on your quest before? of course you have! what you gotta remember is that there has always been a high after that low, as well as you can be sure there'll be another low point. if you dwell in that state to long and let it get you down it'll perpetuate and your be in it longer than you want. my advise is dwell in the high points :)

hey Claud,
i'm so glad you could relate to what i wrote, sometimes i feel like a mad man rambling away, but i felt really compelled to right this as i felt so inspired. need to share some of that inspiration. i'm happy that you appreciate what Walt talks about in these books. i fear that maybe people skip those bits in favour of the drawing method parts.


Tim what a incredible quote. What your saying is very inspiring man, I feel inspired. 'if your not experiencing what life has to offer, how can you re-create it'. That is really powerful. Great post, the drawing is very nice too!

maarten said...

hmmm general state of unhappines. deep. i guess it has something romantic about it too. you know... with the changing of seasons, so does the mood on the streets.

but i dont experience it that much.. i think its probably something superficial. on the surface a lot of people might look a bit grumpy but when you talk to them they turn out to be really nice.
also london might me different i dont know.

your sketches are beautifull mate.. i really really love the last 2 sketches in previous post.

by the way.. i have printed out the walt stanchfield notes before the book came out.. is the book just a compilation of these notes or is there new stuff in it?
a friend at lifedrawing brought the book with him the other day... was really cool to see it in paperback :)

hope your doing well!

Richard Phelan said...

Hey Tim,
Thanks for visiting my blog, I've just been looking through yours and wow! Great stuff :)
Your totally right about 'Drawn to Life' it's so much more than just a drawing manual. Whenever I read it I wish I could have gone to Walt's classes, he comes across as someone who truly inspired people.
Looking forward to seeing more of your sketches, best of luck with everything.

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