Thursday, September 17, 2009


I found this really cool little animation freeware program called pencil. It's small and neat and easy really easy to use, plus it works and mac's as well as pc's.

I did this really little rought test with it.

Went life drawing again for the first time in a while and i found it really hard. I need to start going on the reggs. I'll post up SOME of the results of the session and some sketch book stuff in a couple of days.


maarten said...

wow this rocks dude!! great acting.. its a gun hes holding right?
how cool would an animated action short be! serious.. one day..

Kristian said...

really, really nice dude. love the dismissive nod in the middle. I wanna see more

maarten said...

hey mate. ill probably post it tonight, just dont expect much, its experimental.. just fooling around in photoshop and i figured i might as well use the short for a theme. i wanna do some serious bgs later, traditionally and inked with pen.
have you got any tips or crits on my character drawings? its hard to be judge of your own drawings. i was thinking i could probably make more use of charicature, and extreme shapes, plus i could also improve on anatomy probably.
but what do you think?

polllak said...

nice man!

hitspitter said...

pencil is cool, i use it myself...though the windows version could use some updates, exporting movies etc....

your animation test looks pretty cool!