Sunday, September 06, 2009

France trip 09

Here's a collection of drawings from my trip to france this summer. i had high hopes of drawing and watercolouring for this holiday, but i kinda flopped and didn't do much at all. i did one watercolour and it suck arse.

any ways here what i did do.


claudi said...

Hey Tim, great sketches you've got here! My favourite is the guy wearing the cap, he reminds my of a man I saw when I was in Cuba last year. It is inspiring to see how much you're sketching in public, it's something I always plan to do, but then I'm somehow to shy... I don't like being watched while drawing ;) But I should really get over it and just start... Thanks for being such a motivation, keep it up- cheers, Claudi

The Colour Technician said...

See! I have a sketch book, but instead of drawings of fine creatures.. It's full of logos and typography that is taking up all my time!

I'll pay you to teach me! Haha! x

Kristian said...

The tarek studies are wonderful. the one of him smiling far right is great.
The lyd drawings are bang on

messytimbo said...

cheers guys! claudi just start drawing, i know what you mean but you'll get over it.

C.T, hahaha i'm know teacher, i need teacher myself, however i can give you my honest feed bck on your drawings, but first you have to start drawing!

Big K, yeah i like the drawings of tarek, but he looks so different in each drawing, i only notice once they were all together

polllak said...

you guys must come back when we here!!!

nice stuff man!!!


Beautiful set of drawings, they look/feel so relexed, maybe wine inspired ay? Haha lets go life drawing together, your drawings look so much more confident.

maarten said...

great sketches man, first one is super, also love the one in the car and the last one, in the crowd.
i forgot you guys have the steering wheel on the right side of the car, haha weird.