Sunday, June 28, 2009

sketch dump

Been mondo busy of late. I've been working really hard on a music video for someone called subfocus. i'll post when it goes online.

so here's a load of sketches from the past month. if you have any feedback or critiques I'd love to here your thoughts. cheers.



Timbo you know I think the drawing of the girl in green on the train is bonkers! I hope the video is going well bro

Kristian said...

Its alla bout the last image. The womans head above the green. Beautifully executed. I wann see more.

Maarten Rijs said...

those blue sketches are BEAUTIFULL. love the contrast and the elegance.
also i love the little animation of chick. flash suits the character great... it looks very appealing.
cool man.. i wanna see more of that guy.
did you get my email?

Tim Moen said...

love the one of the girl reading the book. it feels like a shot out of a movie. cool composition!

Tim Moen said...

oh, and thanks for the crazy comment on my blog. in my head, ive expressed those same sentiments on several occasions. probably out loud too lol.

Kristian said...

How about you post some more animation dukes?