Thursday, June 11, 2009

Express Yourself

Here's some expression I did of Chick Chickson. I wanna do a turn around or a model sheet for him but every time I draw him he changes a bit and i quite like that, i don't wanna limit his development so i'm not gonna do one just yet. I think I'll know I've got him the way i want him. I'll do a tie down model sheet then. but i think I'm pretty close to how i expect him to look.

Let me know what you think?


Maarten Rijs said...

awesome bro!! great design.. probably cause its so simple. love the expression top left!

polllak said...

yo tim, wassup man?!!

Kristian said...

Wowsa! he is gonna look great animated. I might try. would you mind?

messytimbo said...

no not at all, go for it dude

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey tim
thanks for your comments., yeah definately lots of improvment..

Nice character, I like the one top left, nice month,, the separeted teeth gives a funier look to him..
nice endention as well on the back of his head(botton draw).

good job

Maarten Rijs said...

hey tim I thought you would send me an email with a proposition in it! I kept waitin and waiting.. still no e-mail! :)
about the critique. YES you may critique my drawings. you must. haha. I appreciate the tips and the kind words dude.

kristian is right.. this guy would look awesome animated... are you planning to? cause id love to see that.

messytimbo said...

yo maartey, dude i'm so sorry about the blue balling you with that email. i will send it. but i've been working on a music video and it's been pretty hectic, i don't get home till late and i crash out as soon as i do. but i will talk to you about it. i've gotta get back to wes about something as well. i've been slack. for give me.

and in answer to your question. yes, i've done a really simple expression test. so, i'll post that really soon.

Tim Moen said...

haha this is cool.he reminds me like earthworm jim or something...cant put my finger on it. but i like it. i also really like the painting of your girlfriend below.

Maarten Rijs said...

nah dude dont worry. forgive me that I took so long to reply to your comment. Your feedback means a lot to me. i just forgot about it. sorry about that, and know how much i appreciate your comments and tips.
cool that you like the guy with the glasses, i was actually doubting wether I should post that drawing or not haha.
life drawing is such a great break from drawing from imagination.. a friend I met does commisions on the street sometime, what a romantic idea haha. id want to try that in 5 years or something.

looking forward to that expression test!! also im curious to see what kristian comes up with.

Anonymous said...

These are great character poses Tim!!