Friday, June 19, 2009

chick facial animation test

I've been getting into work early this week so I started doing a little warm up animation. I've been chipping away at this here and the passed couple of days. it's just a little muck around test.

Chick's facial test from messytimbo on Vimeo.

I'd like to get your thoughts? i personally feel the follow through on his hair could be better, but i can't seem to get it right. any ideas?


Kristian said...

I love it! this character has huge potential. Animation is great. Have tested this dude with some dialogue?


Timboff whatup, bro this is fun, I really like the character. Looks friendly and real 80's. Just by looking at that chick I can see he has cool attitude like he don't give a fuck. Whats a animation test man? Is it to test out his movements? The way his biff bounces at the end is cool.

Lydia said...

cheers guys, nah i aint done any dialogue, but i might do some, i was kinda thinking of doing some body action first. get him doing something cool, just to test out his movements.

yeah wes animation test is just to test out the movement. i just wanted to animate his head.

libra bear said...

Sorry for the lack of support of late bro, I'm really looking forward to seeing this character strut his stuff. I like the hair at the end of the movement, on the way down it feels like it drags a bit. I think maybe his moving so slowly that it wouldnt do that, having said that it goes by so fast I may be being a bit picky. I cant remember if I commented on your water color but you seem to be comfortable with the medium. Keep it up man.

Andry said...

Thanks for your comment man! Pretty cool sketches around here too, and this Chick character looks fun!
Keep it up!

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey tim
it looks great, i olike the mouth and the hair, I think maybe you could have same head movment, maybe it deeping down and up to start the animation, kind of leading the mouth, and hair.
nice to see you geting work done. well done.

Jason Barnes said...

i'd like to see more squash and stretch. when he goes to squint his face, really squash that face and have the hair follow him. as of now the hair is pretty static in the beginning, even as his face squints. more motion and exaggeration; a crazy looking character like this deserves it.

messytimbo said...

thanks jason!

your totally wright, i should have been bolder with the movement and really squashed and stretch the head.

thanks for your feedback man. it's always very welcome.