Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I bought this water colour set about over a year ago and i did one or two things with it and they sucked so bad that I've not touched them it since. but an amazing artist who I'm lucky enough to call a friend, Kristian Antonelli, has picked up the water colours himself and is doing so very inspiring work, so much so that he's inspired me to dust off my set.

Here's one i did of my girlfriend Lyd sleeping.

Also another artist inspired me to try them again is emmanuel prost, check out his water colours, they're the bomb!


Clive said...

Hi Tim, good to see you've picked up the watercolours again, very nice. So is that Immanuel guy's stuff, wow, nice mix of drawing and watercolour.

Kristian said...

Tim, this is one heck of a drawing. beautifully composed. The weight of line really draws you into lydia's face. Excellent draughtmanship. p.s thank you for the plug hee hee

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey tim
great sketch, love the color.
pauline??? ohh finaly I've met.

thnaks for stoping by,

Maarten Rijs said...

haha aw you leave me no choice but to post something..
beautifull watercolor drawing man. youve inspired me to try some watercolors again too!

i will try to post something soon. i got myself my own computer (about time lol) yesterday, and it has been good for the drawing. its nice when you can look up inspiration and reference when your drawing you know? plus i can get from the drawing board right into editing a drawing on the computer.
ive been inspired to dive into the world of background/lay-out drawing. i am planning on drawing a lot of architecture/nature and all that this summer so that i can use that to improve my backgrounds. im thinking we should do online art jams, like set a subject weekly and see what everyone comes up with.

hmm anyway, not sure yet what itll be but ill post something soon, promise ;)

Maarten Rijs said...

ok finally, its there, a new post.
nothing too special but i will try to post weekly or so from now on! :) thanks for the motivation buddy

Misia said...

This is amazing! Love it.
:) X