Sunday, May 03, 2009

Do Yourself A Favor

These two dudes are a constant inspiration to me and it's about time a gave them a humble salute on my blog.

I love prince because of his constant striving to push his music and never being comfortable with where he's at, it's the reason that no one album sounds like the last. also the musical skill he possesses as a musician is unreal. I've had the pleasure of seeing him perform on a number of occasions and that guy can shred.

He is also a pioneer in the music business as an artist who owns and distributes his own music so that he can have complete control over his art, as opposed to the soulless, engineered, and commercial Enterprise that is the music industry.

This concept of being in full control of what and why you produce work is a massive inspiration to me. It's something I hope to achieve myself in the future.

here's a link to one of his lastest interviews where he discusses this topic.

Next Stevie wonder

Stevie himself was somewhat of a pioneer in that department. He was one of the first artists to successfully negotiate with a record label to have full creative control and the rights to his own songs. this led to more experimental music that dealt with social and political problems. work with meaningful content is so important to me, and although i have never really demonstrated that in my work that you may have seen on this blog, it's something i plan to make the dominant feature in my work as soon as i reach a level in animation, draftsmanship, and film making from which to realise my ideas to a high standard.

and again Stevie's level of musical ability, despite his obvious disability, is just unbelievable. I don't know if you know this but Stevie started off as a drummer, and boy can he drum, my word.

check this video out, and watch it all. you'll be amazed.

it's prof that we can all achieve anything we want as long as were willing to work hard enough to get there.

oh and a little musical quiz here, can anyone tell me the reason behind the title of my post?

answer on a post card, failing that on this post will be fine


Rachel said...

Prince and Mr Wonder are two of my faves too. Legends. Infact I'm going to listen to them right now.

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey dude
nice sketchs,, I love steve..

Maarten Rijs said...

great sketches, love the one of stevie wonder. I am such a sucker but i love the song true to your heart in mulan! hahahaha.
your title is one of his songs btw.

Kristian said...

"Pay the rent collect" hahahahahah
man, you beat me to it. Beautifuly thought out post man. How can i post my drawings now you've nailed it already?! great interview

Kristian said...

Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer is the best tune on the lp where i'm coming from.


Rehhhtehh! I know the answer kind sir, splendid drawings Timbo. The reason simply being that both of these gifted artists have a song by the same name of "Do yourself A Favour" Now the question is...which one is your favorite?! bughhh!

'do yourself a favour...educate your mind'

'if you see me, walk on by girl, don't say nothing, just walk on by girl, do yourself a favour'

messytimbo said...

cheers everyone.

hahahahaha abeid i knew you'd know it hahahaha top boy. I kinda liking princes song better, but stevies how some real bars in his track"

kristian dude post your drawings man. i was gonna say in my post that you did some drawings of prince and thats what inspired me to start draw him. your ones kill mine.

Nick said...

Hey tim really, like these, are you gonna add a bit of colour to them?

Top Prince drawing is great, although weirdly prefer the nose on the lower one, has a bit more character!

How's tricks?

Skipernicus said...

Do yourself a favor, Educate your mind, Get yourself together...

Steve Stamp said...

Yes bruvva, feelin these. Hope all is well back home. GOod to see your blog is still goin strong. I'll be catching up with all your posts when I get back. For now I am in South America wanting to cry cos the girls are so ridiculous.

Anyway holla at me soon. I got a new travel blog by the way-


Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

stevie is amaizing playing the unique the way he movs..
great stuff

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