Friday, March 27, 2009

When I need to take a fat dump I go to the Blog

I was recently asked to be interviewed by a website called wearehq about myself and how I work and stuff. It was a bit weird for me because I've never been interview before, and this was proper, I even had a photo shoot and everything, which i found a bit uncomfortable because I don't like to be centre of attention
like that.

I thought I'd find it more comfortable if they just snapped me while i was doing some life drawing around London, but that kinda back fired because the photographer was very professional and had someone separately doing the flash work, this made me stick out like a sore thumb and groups of tourist stopped to look because they thought I was some kinda celeb or something uuuurggggyyyyuuuck, very embracing. so as a result all the other interviewees, (which include my brother) look like mega cool sexy models and i look like some kinda of twat nob head hahahaha...oh dear

any way here's the link if you fancy reading the interview.

Also I've not posted any of my daily drawings in a while so i thought I'd do a fat dump...actually the first one of the trainers was done while i was on the toilet doing a dump.


Maarten Rijs said...

LOLLLLL at your the earth is round joke. hahahahahaha.

really cool to read this interview dude. i wont go in detaill about every answer but seriously, your one of the most inspiring people i ever met. ( i know we havent really met but you get the point haha)
i can very much identify with your visions on animation.

so anyway, you take your shoes off when your taking a shit?? lol.
great sketches man. i love how you draw surroundings and the bigger views. that last sketch is really amazing. difficult perspective. were you sitting on a balcony or something?

The Colour Technician said...

Hey Tim, I've come across your blog and seen your amazing work!
It's really weird, because looking at your work really hits me. There's something thats quite deep on your drawings. I love it. =)

Kristian said...

Tim keftethes, The improvement in this series is astounding. I can sense you are feeling very comfortable with these sketches.
The variety of setting and situation tells me you have loosened up alot.
beautiful studies dude. I want to see this brush pen more often. Next week we shall draw together


Timbooo! Bro firstly those drawings are marvelous. I really like your composition, particullay on your second post of drawings with the three portraits of the guys. Almost looks composed as a photo. Really great awearness of space aswell. As for the sketch of the trainers mid-dump, absolutely breath taking, and I'm sure you felt the same way post-dump haha!

The interview is really inspiring. It reflects your unique personality. I really enjoyed reading it man. Your expression on your 'brain is the original pencil' is incredible. I'll see you soon bro, keep up the dynamite work!

messytimbo said...

thanks everyone, your words are to kind.

yeah maarten i was on a balcony. i'm glad you was able to tell that from the drawing.