Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Poly Tri-topus

I'm a fan of Takashi Murakami and I've always thought that his design style is so suitable for animation. so i desided I'd animate a character in his style. but I've actually found out that he's recently been making animation, mainly in 3d, it looks really really cool. here's a link to a couple.

anyways I've design my own character in his style, which was well fun. i wanna show on my reel that can work in a range of style and do a bit of composting.

so here's Poly Tri-topus. I'm animating her spotting a fish and running after it.

here's the animation

TRI-TO-PUS from messytimbo on Vimeo.

and here's a test comp of what i want the finished piece to look like.

underwater comp test from messytimbo on Vimeo.

I'm gonna ad some more bit and pieces and try some other ways of making it look more like it's under water. maybe add bubbles and stuff.

if you have any suggestion's feel free to let me know.

and here's the character called Fishthinger which Ploy Tri-topus is gonna eat.


polllak said...

yo man! thx for your comment, awesome work too! let's go drawing together man!

Andre Barnwell said...

dope designs homie. Thanks for the blogger love. really appreciated.

libra bear said...

Never heard of Takashi Murakami until now but I like his style. Graphically cool, and very playful. U definately captured those qualities in your animation and design. One crit, and i don't know if its right to be honest, maybe give him a blink or something. Gives an opportunity for some follow through...maybe. Hope all is good bro. I'll try calling u in the week to catch up.

messytimbo said...

thanks guys.

wes, do you think i should put a blink when he turns he's head? coz i was kinda think that myself. and could you explain how that would create an opportunity for follow through? cheers buddy.

libra bear said...

In terms of the follow through, I was actually thinking about the eyelashes on the blink, Thought I wrote that down. Sorry. As for the blink, I thought on the turn or maybe after the turn, A Few quick blinks before he runs off. Vary it and see what feels nice to u.

messytimbo said...

thanks Wes!

Paul said...

its nice, and the style is nice too. With block colours like this is is more efficient in terms of the time it takes? Well done.

Joe Karg said...

Sorry to not be blogging lately. I've been watching your blog a lot though brother, and it's better and better. You're drawings and animation are ones that I always look forward to seeing.


Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

I would say oin the second animation,, wait a few more frame to start the turn, otherwise we loose the animation,, the first 5 to 8 frames a lost.
In the first animation the head turn is not nice as in the sec. but the tentacules movs are great....maybe have it truning fast. a bounce in the head and then he leaving..
the next character looks amaizing,, grteat crazy idea.
good one tim.

Maarten Rijs said...

wow tim you just keep on working. its inspiring. i had not heard of the dude either but its an appealing style. love the animation!! reminds me i should get flash.
i will post soon. at the end of this month I need to have a portfolio................. aaaah.. so trust me, ill have some new stuff on the blog soon.

ive contacted the school and instead of going to nantes to compete in the entrance tests I can just send my portfolio. because of the distance.
so thats really nice.. id probably have been so damn nervous haha.