Thursday, February 19, 2009

Testing, testing, 1, 2, testing

Here's a still from what will probably be the final look for the short. I've done all the animation but I've still gotta do a simple background and take care of the sound, so I think it will be done by early next week, hopefully sooner.

It's not quite how i envisioned it in my head, but when is it ever. I wanted it to look more like pastel on paper.

if you wanna give me any comments or tips on the look, please feel free to. I'd love to get your opinion on how you think it looks.


Kristian said...

This will look fantastiche'.
I can't wait to see this finished. Great work, tim.


Hahaha I love that frog man! His eyes are amazing! The whole look of that still looks splendid, the colors work so well. I can't wait to see it premiere on my slightly dirty laptop screen! Well done bro.

Maarten Rijs said...

wow. I totally agree with kristian. it looks super. Im so excited to see it! post post post!

libra bear said...

I could have sworn I left you a comment on this post. Looking good bro. I dont know why, it looks like felt or cut out. Looking forward to the finished ver.

blacklam said...

shit looks good guy.

whens the next lifestudy?