Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Best Friends

Well i finally got around to finishing it!

I learnt heaps from making this. I really got to know flash a lot better, and got some good practise in after effects.

Best Friends from messytimbo on Vimeo.

I'm working on a couple of other bits animation for my real, so watch out for them.

plus I've decided that I'm always going to be working on something in my spare time. i think it's good to have something there to keep chipping away at with out any pressure. OK, the downside is that it will probably take a long to make, as there is no schedule. but the upside is you'll never have that disappointed feeling of a boghed job because you had to rush to meet a deadline.

I've got two little short promo shorts I'm thinking about doing, one for my brother Instantbarber.

Also my friend wrote a beautiful story that I thought would make a great short film. we applied for funding to make it, but got rejected so I'm planing on making it one of my projects I chip away at.

please feel free to leave me any comments, and feel totally free to critiques this piece as it will give me stuff to think about for future projects.


Kristian said...

What can I say except 'Well done'
I've been fortunate to see this project from the ground up. What a privilege
Tim, you have manage what I can't. To make a animated short from start to finish. What an achievement. You haven't gone off track like I do so often. You stuck to the animatic and created a wonderful animation.
The pastel look works really well. The sound brings it all together wonderfully. Cracka lackin'


What a proud moment, you excuted the idea so well man. The pastel texture looks dope, I loved the sound effects too. I wanna see moreeeeee

libra bear said...

HELL YEAH, Thats waht I'm talking about. You've definately grown as an animator and as a director. It communicates beautifully. My one crit, and this is me being picky, is that maybe his shorts could contrasr with the grass more, other than that, grat job.

PS Who's responsible for the sound/music?

libra bear said...

forgive the spelling errors, its 12:30 and I'm half asleep

Maarten Rijs said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah tim im short of words!! (short of words, get it? allright maybe my english is not good enough for puns) so damn awesome!!it looks so great. i think you achieved the pastel look nicely.
i showed it to my brother and he thought it was the funniest shit ever haha.
(so talking about brothers, is that your brother taking a piss at the berlin wall?)
I cant wait to see those animations you are working on!!

messytimbo said...

wow thanks guys, i'm really happy you like it.

Wes, i took your advice about the short and made them darker, but i think your right that i could have just made them a more contrasting colour altogether. i'm just a poo colourist :)

as for the music, my Friend had all this copyright free childrens music form the late 60's so i used a piece from that. and i found all the sound FX oline.

and Maarten you assume correctly, the gentelmen humbly pissing on the berlin wall is my brother

Doctor Cerebro said...

this is a masterpiece

libra bear said...

I know what u mean about colour theory bro. I'm amazed at some peoples colour choices and why they work and your brother is a joker!

Steve Stamp said...

Smashed it Tim. This is joke! I hope we can work on that Drawing Inspiration short - I really want to learn how this stuff works.

Im off travelling from April-Aug so might have to wait til then... anyway I'll chat to you before I leave.

I'm in London the next couple of weekends so let me know if you are about - Q-Tip in Camden on 14th?

Michal Olgierd Konstantynowicz said...

Super good as my son say!

Misia said...

That's bloody awesome! I want to see more!