Sunday, January 04, 2009

I think not


Kristian said...

Not just great drawings but a great insight into the pysche of the ordinary londoner. The face on scetch and the dude slumped against the rail are really sweet.

Alex Boakye said...

Sup Tim;

's been awhile since I visited your blog last - and I'm really impressed by the quality of your posts. I really like the bite-size comic style pieces you've made here. The video for the Coldplay song is excellent also (great camera movement on a 2d plane).

Once again; keep up the great work!

Maarten Rijs said...

hollllllllllly shit. I cant believe how good these sketches are dude. seriously, wow. without a doubt the best ive seen from you. crazily good. my favorite is the guy with the moustache. (first of the guys she needs to spend 30 min with). and the 3rd is amazing too! and... i love the first one of the whole page too. what did you use for the tones?

allriiiiight. I wanna see more of these. funny stuff.

instantbarber said...

tim i love the 2nd drawing of the "and this guy" his face reminds me of something out of a sci-fi movie although i cant pull my finger on it and its pissin me off! he looks like he could turn into a martion haha

Steve Stamp said...

Alex is right - you keep on raising the bar and the posts just keep gettin better.

Mine just get worse cos THEY WONT LET ME PUT SPACES IN

haha keep it up man, this is a good look.

Hope you had a good xmas and that! Im in London the weekend after next so I'll holla at you then

Maarten Rijs said...

thanks so much for the kind words! no, didnt look up any coloring tutorials. actually i was really struggling at first. but a friend told me about multiply. so what i did, i scanned the inked version of the skater (this time i inked it with pen). got it into photoshop. put the layer its on on multiply and the opacity of the layer to 10 or something. created a new layer, and colored it on that layer with the brush tool. after that i created another layer for the shading.
its a crazily farfetched method probably. it should be possible to do it with a few clicks with the auto fill tool or something haha, but that wouldnt work for me.
the other drawing was a pencil sketch, and i did it the same way, just did not change the opacity of the layer and ofcourse in the end i deleted the sketch layer.

allright. im not sure if you wanted me to explain it to you haha. but maybe you have some tips for me to make things easier. and if you did wanted me to explain, let me know if it works for you or not.

ill just keep playing with ps, hopefully i will develop some better methods.

and I know what you mean about the tones. whenever i add a tone i want it to feel spontaneous.
then again, this sketch is absolutely fantastic.

i will probably post a lot from now on... join me in the posting spree!


Yo Tim these drawings are way cool, very strong. I think your style/technique is getting more identifiable. It was really dope hanging out with you on NewYear man, after I left that joint it all went 'moobs up'.

Chat soon bro, hopefully by the end of the month I'll have a suprise for you...not that suprise...wait is it? bughhh

Ken said...

haha this is great dude! lovely drawings, and I really enjoyed the narrative you linked them up with. Great idea, you should do it again!

Dele (the rogue wanderer) said...

Hey, I really like the last panel.
The whole idea of it works well.

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

you are doing same nice sketchs tim,,great expression

polllak said...

nice new stuff!!! on the bus?!
i told you i was in london, my girlfriend lives there.maybe i can meet you there and u could show me where u are working!tell me and then i will let you know when i am in london! see you dude

Boat said...

I love this. Sketchbook plus comic. Beautiful to watch & fun to read.