Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life Drawing Again

This is the best pick of tonight's session.

I found it tough tonight, I need to go more regularly.


Kristian said...

I think the break has done you good. What ever you seen , or learn on your hiatus has manifested in these great images. They are really really good

Rachel said...

i agree, they're nice. i especially like the top one. perhaps you already told me when i was in a less than sobre state but where do you go and how much is it?

Maarten Rijs said...

man man man i love your line, what kind of a pencil do you use?
and just wondering.. do you guys have more women then men posing too?
thanks so much for your tips! I have put them on my wall. very usefull stuff :D
The only stuff I know from hewlett are the gorrilaz really... which is super awesome ofcourse. and I think youve showed me a short movie he did once. maybe im mistaken.
do you know any place on the net where i can see more of his drawings?
also thanks for the recommendations... i think my drawings are always better after ive spent time looking at the work of artists that i like..
reminds me that i still have to buy tekkenkinkonkreet (probably misspelled it haha).

allright... looking forward to see more of your drawings.


Yo Tim, these drawings are splendid, the top one is major. I actually prefer unfinished drawings, the top one looks almost finished but still has that raw element and great tones. I got your text today I couldn't respond due to my credit being well and truely crunched. I ain't spoke to Mark yet but was planning on speaking to him tomorrow, I'll let you know what goes down bro peaceee

Ken said...

nice dude, I think the top one is my fav, and perhaps the strongest drawing.

DeathPlug said...

Nice life drawings!