Monday, October 13, 2008


answer from the last post.

Chicken Boo from the animaniacs (if you don't know this character youtube him, i think he's one of the best characters of all time! but he's kinda slipped under the radar)
Bart Simpson
Robbie from Dinosaurs
The face of the Iron Giant

i did think that there was one more...but i've forgotten which character it was.

if you look at all these characters you'll understand. hahahaha


Mel Maduro said...

Oooh, I love your sketches. I'm a sucker for that continuous messy line of yours.

Kristian said...

These are a great selection from the book. I love the centre sketch of the woman. I see great progress in every post

I loved robbie from dinosaurs

Nick said...

What a yellow character and there was no Woodstock from Peanuts!?!?

No, frickin', way!

libra bear said...

Oi, where is Chickson, I want more. I really like the 2nd from last drawings. For 2 reasons, the woman leaning forward looks really cool because it looks like all her weight is on her arms/elbows because of the way you exaggerated the shoulders, but I also like that you attempted the same drawing twice. I’m always afraid to do things like that. Nice page overall. Definitely getting better. BRING BACK THE CHICK!!!!

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey tim,
nice sketches, i like the loose lines. it looks like you feel more comfortable with and give a great depth to it.
what is that yellow fella?
how is pauline?