Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Animatic Critique Please?

Hey ya

i just got back from Oslo in Norway and i had a great time. i tried the night before i left to post this animatic but the file i uploaded in vimeo was skipping and stuff when it played. I didn't have time to fix it, which sucked because i don't wanna start animating it until i get a bit of a critique on it. I was hoping when i got back i'd have some good feedback, make some changes based on the feedback and start to work on it. but as it hasn't worked out that way...bummer.

anyways, feel totally free to give any thoughts you have on the timing, the staging, or poses. I'm totally open to any suggestion you'd like to make.

i tried to make the animatic quite detailed in terms of movemet, i think it will make it easier when it come to animating it in flash.

little man animatic from messytimbo on Vimeo.

I've gotta bust my ass into gear now coz i need a job badly! expect to see more animation in the very near future

plus I'll post up some of the drawings i did in Oslo, there won't be very many because i didn't do a hell of a lot because most days i was trying to deal with a hang over.


Maarten Rijs said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA this is frikin GENIOUS tim!!!!!!!

seriously i laughed my ass off! haha. i think i peed my pants when they looked at eachother. i hope you dont mind if i dont give you critiques man, i simply dont have any. its perfect. (I really tried to think of something, but I can't)

i really really really love this. very appealing characters and the gags just hilarious.
finish this! I can't wait!

how was oslo?

Maarten Rijs said...

Ill try the ball excercise, doesnt sound boring at all, it makes sense. and i will read more of the loomis books, i have read some of it but not all (i prefer reading from paper).
I have done lots of drawing from imagination since the last time i posted that. i think its a lot better. maybe i can send it to you by email so you can give me some comments?

(by the way, i deleted my last post haha, i cant stand the fact that it looked so bad on the computer, maybe ill upload it again if i find another way...)

ok eating and life drawing now... see ya!

polllak said...

hey hey!! cool!! i really like your life drawing!!!! thx for your "top notch" comment !! see you dude !

libra bear said...

I didnt even know you were away. Glad you had a good time. Bruv, this is really funny. I honestly thought when they smiled at each other, they were gonna play or something lol. Not much I would change. I like the little dance he does a well. The only thing I would say is about the frogs. at the end. I think they should come from the left of the screen (his right) becuase it would seem like the first frog is the one he abused. Maybe it would be nice to see him react on screen before he runs off to the right (his left). If your not clear, I'll email you. Hope your good bro...

Michal Olgierd said...

frogatastic - i love the timing I think it works great!

Maja said...

I liked it a lot :)

It's is very funny and its timed just right.

Shouren Ho 何守任 said...

I laughed.
I like to be that frog.