Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 weeks of life drawing

feedback welcome as always.


Kristian said...

the two men. One standing from the back and one dude seated are really super. I like the direction of the tone and the comppsition of those two. It flows. The other above of the woman laying down has a great energy. You can feel the attention she has been given by the room.
the sxame goes for the one above that. The man on one knee the dark tone behind him pulls us to the detail. I really think you have learnt so much recently and its pouring out in these drawings.


Yo Jimbo thanks for the comments, I really enjoyed that life drawing class. I think your life drawings are great, the weight distribution are very evident in all of them. I really like the studys of the two men, you was not lying about that dude's belly! Such a charming shape, can't wait to see more and can't wait for the next class. See you tonight at this shin'dig man.

Ken said...

loving the life drawings mate

Maarten Rijs said...

I cant believe how loose your line is. I think it shows very well in the 2nd and last pages. your drawings have SO much energy. its amazing. do you have a certain approach?
i love al drawings man.. I cant wait till wednesday now (this summer my life drawing day).

hope your doing well...

black lamb said...

arg! jealous! ...ok, i wanna draw naked ppl.

(if its still on)
when you next going? / where is it?

...do you use facebook?