Thursday, August 28, 2008

little man (UPDATE)

trying to do some nice flash stuff for my showreel (coz i suck at flash, to many ways to do things). i really like those Robinson ad's, they're really nice. i think it's flash? but if it is, i haven't got a clue how the make it look like pastels? if anyone could shed some light, shine it my way.

anyways the ad made me wanna do a my designs in a pastel style.

Here's a little drawing i did so i could make a flash version.

and here's the flash version, i tried to give it a pastel kinda look by drawing the lines in illustrator first, but i think that's gonna be tricky keep that up when i'm animating...sigh...if any ones got any good ideas i'm all ears, or as i'd be reading it, i'm all eyes.

i don't like this version as much, i think something has very much got lost in translation...
any feedback would be great.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Slow Train

This is a Music Video i animated on for the an Australian musician called Alex Lloyd.

it was directed by a Friend and ex class mate of mine called Kim Alexander. Kim is one of the hardest working people i have ever met. not only did she conceived the concept, design, storyboard, animate most of and direct it, but she also done all the post production work as well...oh and i forgot to mention that she did all that while working full time! she's amazing, and i think it looks amazing . Also it was put together in only 8 weeks, which i think makes it even more amazing.

I animated two parts of it, the bus stop bit and the sun set bit.

I hope you like it.

Thank you Kim for giving me the opportunity to work on such a great project!

p.s here's a link to the youtube page so you can watch a high quality version. the high res option is below the player.