Thursday, June 12, 2008

Monkey: Journey to the West...End

I'm a massive fan of Jamie Hewlett, i love his work so much. and when i first saw the art work for the journey to the west stage production that he was doing i was blown away, such a great project, also the performers that are in the show are amazing! I've seen clips, they're killer!

I've wanted to see this since last year. but the only u.k date up until now was in Manchester, and at the time i couldn't make it.

But i found out recently that there was 7 night book at Royal Opera House in London's west end. so I've been waiting for the tickets to go on sale...and at 10am they finally did!

I got 2 Tickets! woo hoo!

Man, i can't friggin wait!


Kristian said...

That's good news fella. Hewlett says cheers. That drawing is really good. I wanna see more of that stuff. In fact I wanna see more of all your stuff. keep em' bangin Keftethes!

Maarten Rijs said...

brooooo loving the drawing. so much expression, one of your best ive seen so far.
the thing with animation is... my drawing skills are just not there yet. i wont wait until im super.. lol thatd last too long, and its starting to itch.
but just a little longer.. you know i dont wanna dislike animating. and right now when I start something I stop half way just because my drawing skills are limiting me.
but hey your one to talk! i havent seen animation on your blog in ages, and man this drawing rocks so dont start about yóur drawing skills. :)
off to the station now.. talk to you soon tim.

Andre Barnwell said...

thus us real nice. Thanks as always for stopping by my blog.once again i really like this.

libra bear said...

Killer drawing bro. I'm with K, push this stuff man. Glad you got the tickets. When you going drawing..

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

I like as well bro, nice hair,,,are we going to met up this friday?

messytimbo said...

many thanks guys. i bet hewlett says cheers, 40 squid per ticket! and they're the cheap seats!

Kristethes and Wes, i'm not sure i be pushing my hewlett rip off skills any further. just for the purpose of the topic, and even at that it's lame (forgive me jamie!)

and martin if you like this piece and you think it's my best yet, i suggest you look at jamie hewlett's actual work, your be in for a treat :)

dannyboy, the show, the show is calling me...but i might be a bit busy, got a load on at the moment and that stuff comes first, but hopfully!

Heidi Smith said...

Awesome work!! I really like the character at the top!!

Levi Ames said...

Hey thanks for the comment. Been checking out your site here. I love your street drawing. It's a shame not many people keep up with a sketchbook. But for those that do it's always a treat to see their work!

Maarten Rijs said...

hey man,
loved drawing with the markers, i did today anyways haha. i like todays results more.
its a nice tool.. you can be loose with it. try it too!
dont wanna over use it though as i did with pen.. and i kind of feel that with pencil and china markers i analyze more instead of copying.

maybe ill try some animation.. something without the human body.

a music video?? thats awesome. you didnt even mention on your blog you had work dude haha. anyway looking forward to seeing the linetests and final product.

Ken said...

enjoy your show!

cool sketch!

gemini82 said...

Great Blog man and thanks for the comments. I see your kicking ass and taking down names in the figure drawing department.


Timbo I looked at the trailer for that Hewlett play and looked so surreal. Was it banging? Yo weaz we gotta meet up soon, I fly out to Tokyo-oh-oh next tuesday bugh! You want any books etc let me know man. By the way, that Camberwell show was absoultly the worse pieces of work I've witnessed in a long while. It was PIE!