Friday, June 06, 2008

Ah! to be young again...

Went with my friends Leon and Amber to pick up their son Kye from school the other day. When I saw Kye i put out my hand so he could slap me a little low five, but instead he made better use of my hand by putting his sweater in it, and then ran off to play on the slide. I drew him running off.

Children move to fast so these are the only half decent drawings I did.

Here are some other daily sketches.


Maarten Rijs said...

yeah yeah true i am pretty skinny hahaha. we got a mcdonalds but man that food is not good
thanks for the comment, you dont know half how inspiring you are.
theres a difference though between thinking your crap and being crap, hahaha. but its ok. i need to chill and be patient, its gonna take some years before im gonna be any good.
im just gonna draw as much as i possibly can.
need to throw my pride away.. i just made the worst post ever so that should help haha.

love how you draw 'crowds'. specificly in the playground and subway sketch. amazing. those are my favorites.
and the guy in the subway holding on to the rail.

off to the station now :), ill talk to you soon!


Dudeeee that sketch of the man on the top left (holding pole on train) is my alltime favorite. It is so expressive which I like! Your train sketches are so cool, I'm allways on bus's and end up sketching the back bean of people's heads, need to bunk that train and evoid a fine for some facial drawings! Nice work jimboff.

Kristian said...

nice , nice , nice. Kids are tricky. But you have captured great movement in that sketch. Fortunately they do stop eventually. I especially like drawing them in conversation with eachother. Can you please post more regularly. I'm getting worried you have contracted Wes-no post-for twelve months-itis!

EL GRANDE said...

Way to go Timbo. Nice drawings of the kids up top. Those guys are too fast for me most days:)

Joe y Elio

Maarten Rijs said...

hey tim,
sorry, and thanks man. ill stop the i suck shit haha. I am aware that im a beginner, and learning. i know that, i meant more like, my drawings suck. but what the f#ck i guess every artist has been there.
it only motivates me to draw more.

and pride aint making a comeback!
i might double my posting rate.
you should do the same thing haha.

just wondeirng, is your life drawing class continueing during summer?

Maarten Rijs said...

again, thanks for the words, I cant tell you how much I appreciate it!

libra bear said...

Hey man, you some great sketches here, definately like the energy in the kid sketches. But bro, the life drawing......DAAAAAMMMMNNNN!!! Really nice. Hey Kristian, Wes-no post-for twelve months-itis is a hard condition to get over man. Lets see how fast you recover when you get it!!!!!LOL

Ken said...

haha ahh children. Evil little beings.

Great drawings man. Ive been trying to do observational drawing recently. I dont seem to have the motivation like you do! Well done!

pierre ledain said...

hey thank you for your comment on my blog.Yours sketches are always cool, the faces are really good.
If you wanted to know for Ramen fight,yeah it's a new film I've begun with my school,we have to finished it in December 2008.See ya bye.

Jason Barnes said...

always a pleasure receiving comments from an established artist like yourself. i love all your sketches! very nice observations. your use of line is so interesting, such nice flow and rhythm to it.

keep it easy,