Thursday, June 12, 2008

Monkey: Journey to the West...End

I'm a massive fan of Jamie Hewlett, i love his work so much. and when i first saw the art work for the journey to the west stage production that he was doing i was blown away, such a great project, also the performers that are in the show are amazing! I've seen clips, they're killer!

I've wanted to see this since last year. but the only u.k date up until now was in Manchester, and at the time i couldn't make it.

But i found out recently that there was 7 night book at Royal Opera House in London's west end. so I've been waiting for the tickets to go on sale...and at 10am they finally did!

I got 2 Tickets! woo hoo!

Man, i can't friggin wait!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Ah! to be young again...

Went with my friends Leon and Amber to pick up their son Kye from school the other day. When I saw Kye i put out my hand so he could slap me a little low five, but instead he made better use of my hand by putting his sweater in it, and then ran off to play on the slide. I drew him running off.

Children move to fast so these are the only half decent drawings I did.

Here are some other daily sketches.