Wednesday, May 28, 2008


i didn't go life drawing yesterday, but here's a life drawing from last week. also last week i went for a Nandos in the east end of London, after i left i spotted restaurant two doors down from it and i laughed so hard i was almost sick (especially after that nice little half chicken and spicy rice, yum yum)

and here's why hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha (god bless the camera phone)

still not the best fake restaurant, my friend went to Manchester and told me about a place called Mctucky's hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...i feel a little hungry now...hahahahahahahahahaha


Kristian said...

thats the life sketch i wanted to see again. you're best yet.
Pandos is the original blud! So says my man at favorit chicken cottage....brrrraaappp!

Maarten Rijs said...

beautifull life sketch, like the use of tones.
in holland we havent got a nandos or a pandoos! and no kentucky fried chicken either.


Dope life drawing weaz, the tones you have used are very dramatic. Brings the woman out, doesn't look flat. Well done man.

A mad Pandos?! Do they have a Loyalty card? You will get a whole road kill if you get 9 stamps bughhh!

Sorry I've been slack about Rio de JaNERO, I finish on june 10th so I'll be more commited to our project after then.

Steve Stamp said...

That is joke. I think Tantalise Fried Chicken is my favourite just for the complete grammatical ignorance but you've gotta give it to McTuckys. They are drawing people in with subtle and almost undetectable psychological techniques.

Liking the drawing too - tone... and shading... and other art words. Nah for real, its always good to see what you've been up to. Hope things are good bruvva

Maarten Rijs said...

hey man, you still gotta send me that short!
... :)

messytimbo said...

cheers kristedes. Flopped the last two weeks, haven't been life drawing.

maarteen, all i can say is you must be one skinny guy :) oh and i will send it to you, just gotta find it first, it's lost in my computer back at home, hold tight sunny jim.

weasel we need to hit a pandoos just for jokes?!

stampy, good to here from ya! mctucky's has to take it, i mean, i've seen some gooderns i.e king burger in kent hahaha and fckf in old street, what a joke. but i was literally in tears of laughter when i first saw a picture of mctucky's

and i question how subtle the name McTucky's actually is

C.B. Canga said...

cool blog. great drawing.

Doctor Cerebro said...

man, in Madrid you can have a burger at McPaco's, and quite a tasty one (Paco= spanish Frankie, sort of...)

messytimbo said...

McPaco's! hahahahahaha

i might start a blog for sightings of secondrate fastfood joints!

Doubles said...

Weasel its Doubles! Nice little blog spot here man!

I had to click when i saw Pandoos! I am back in Jan so lets hit it up!

Although not as nearly as good as McTuckey, we have got an icecream place over here that is about 3 doors down from "Wendys"(the world famous ice crean shop) simply called Wendies!! Its kitted out exactly the same, same colour, same posters!

Hold it for Abeidos and Stampie! Braaaaaaaaaap!!!

Doubles said...

Shit i forgot one my Jewish mates from uni used to go to "KFC"

Kosher Fried Chicken! Thats up in Golders Green