Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A promise is a promise

Coming to the end of my latest sketch book, but there's not much that i'm pleased with. fingers crossed that the next one's gonna be a banger

in order of top to bottom, left to right
-dude on a bus
-lydia working hard on them essays, go lyd!
-man on a deck chair in green park (i sat on one as well until i was asked to pay £1.50)
-BUSTED! dude caught me drawing him on the train, good job i didn't draw his facial features first. i drew in his expression after from memory.


Maarten Rijs said...

aah sneaky bastard! 2 new posts! and I actually missed one. I think that hasnt happened ever since i started commenting on your blog.

absolutely fantastic sketches. was it your idea to sketch with 2 different colored markers? cause its really really awesome.
my favorites are the one of your girlfriend and the man on the deck chair.
especially the last one...simple but super.
1.50 to sit on a chair? haha what a rip off. Im often asked either to leave or order something when Im sketching in a cafe.
seriously.. whats the problem!

anyway, makes me wanna try out markers!

as for the nude sketches, I like the one minute sketches most. very nice gestures there.

so... as always, no critiques, just my likes, let me know if it is of any help.

i think im not really applying anything i read in force...but now im using china marker i hope I will.
by the way I didnt even mean to use tone at first, but I had put down some lines where they shouldnt be so I tried to cover them up hahaha.
but man i love your use of tone in the drawings of the man model, few posts back.

Le Hornet said...

i like the laptop one, the mood behind it anyways. safe for the comment, non fiction to your (?)

but seen scenarios like that in my time not hanging up, just a metaphor for people forget their life after woman... some stuff relavent to my own xp.



Weaz these sketches are electric, you work those magic markers real well. By the way, PROJECT DE NIRO has been slapped and I'm waiting for the confirmation. So the beverages are on me yay!

Kristian said...

nice work son!
these are bangin. You draw how you think..I like that. keep em coming yessurp

messytimbo said...

thanks guys

maarten man, your slipping, i thought you were my number one fan :) yeah 1.50 for a chair is indeed a rip off, but thats london for you, it cost £2 to get on a bus these days and i payed £1 to use a public toilet the other day. thats the most expensive poo i've ever done :)

thanks mr hornet, Lyd didn't want me to post it, i don't think she likes it when i draw her hahaha :)

i must say that i have some experience myself in what your poem (story) is about, from the thinking and recieving sides.

thanks Weaz, but only the the last one was done with the magic markers, the others are brush pen(the blue) and a copics marker(black).

i'm gonna get stinngy with them de nero's hahahahaha might be you a coffee but thats about it :)

thanks kristian, but if i draw how i think i'm in big trouble hahahaha but thanks though, if you mean that, and you can see that, i think thats a big compliment, because thats something i like to see in peoples work myself. by the way got a mad rejections from the princes drawing school, not even an interview, bummer! got any jobs going at your work cleanning toilets or as a dustbin man :)

Maarten Rijs said...

yo tim, whats that princes drawing school your talking about?
i googled it but i didnt find a program where you needed to submit a portfolio to.
what did you apply for?

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey tim, I like the dude on the bus,,
and the girl on the piano, nice hand.
my pauline is ok.thanks

messytimbo said...

thanks dan, but that goes to show you how shit i am at drawing hahahaha, she on a laptop not a piano.

maarten, the course i applied for was called the drawing year.

here's a link for the infomation.

Clive said...

Yeah, great. I also really like the figure drawings below with the ring! They're banging too.


Yo timbo I've just seen this on youtube by Disney, check it and let me know what you think. I found it quite disturbing and visually stimulating at the same time.

messytimbo said...

yeah, in the second world war disney had to make properganda films, there wasn't much money being put into animation at that point so the studio did that kinda stuff in order to stay alive. they all did it WB, disney, and various other studios

Maarten Rijs said...

thanks for the link tim.
im sorry to hear you got rejected.

(by the way, I think its pretty obvious shes on a laptop :))