Sunday, April 13, 2008

life drawing again.

This was the life drawing that i did 2 weeks ago. In the session we were advised to try and do a drawing with your left hand. Or if you were left handed do one with your right. The idea being, that the drawing won’t have your normal level of control to it. The results I found were interesting. i found that without the normal control level, my drawing seem loose and i think had more energy to it.

i thought great! Try to not use so much control with your right hand, and use the control for the details and I’ve found i new way of drawing. Wrong! as soon as i got that power back with my other hand, I completely forgot about that idea.

In fact the drawing I did after looks especially stiff and over worked i think.

It would be great to get some feedback on this session, so i can apply it to my life drawing this week.



libra bear said...

Wow, the contrast in these drawins are really apparent. I really like the looseness of the top sketch. The second one is cool in terms of proportion and what the pose is saying, but your right in saying it's slightly over worked. Its good that your really pushing yourself to discover something new.

Maarten Rijs said...

haha you posted the left hand sketch! sweet!

love it man. unlike me you used the same line for the head. props. i found that hard.

I dont think the 2nd sketch is thát stiff. I really like it.

by the way.. what kind of a pencil do you use?

Kristian said...

Whenever I do the left hand excercise My hand rarely leaves the paper. Simply because my hand muscles aren't developed that side. But this brings exciting results. Like the top sketch of yours. the form is there through the weaving of the line. You should try doing the same but on your right hand. Keep the pencil firmly on paper. We'll try it tonight at Angel..ok Keftethes?
Yasou lavendia

Steve Stamp said...

Sup Tim you ambidextrous brear, dont worry about the slow response - I know you have other stuff going on its all good. We should meet up for a drink next time Im in London (not this weekend, the weekend after?)...

Clive said...

I've never done the left hand thing! We were talking about it at our drawing group last week, and now I've seen your great results I've got to give it a go...both nice drawings, but you're right, there is something dynamic in the leftie.