Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Inspired by and pretty much told by Kristian Antonelli, I decided to draw Data from the Goonies.

I really like the way Kristian is colouring short round at the moment, so being the original guy that i am, I’ve copied him hahahaha, poorly, hahaha :)

Pointers please?!


Kristian said...

slick shoes!this is great . i love the vignette style. Head shot in foreground action pose in the background. Manu watched Goonies, 3 times yesterday. Its still got that magic. What i love about Data is the cool Parka with the badges. Man i wanted one...still do. (now i can make manu wear one, hahaha)
The colouring is great,nice and loose and not fussy
maybe build some colour behind him to bring him out more? work on it a little more and see what develops. You may surprise yourself. Better still get the parchment papier out and some rennaisance pastels.

Steve Stamp said...

What a legend. Nice work matey. Now what about Chunk? haha

Doctor Cerebro said...

hahaha classic! nice composition. my favourite was Mouth though!