Tuesday, March 18, 2008


That’s what the guy in my head was doing yesterday while rubbing his chin in the most un-p.c way, every time I laid down a mark. "UN NER!"

Thank god our instructor gave us the option of taking part in a tonal exercise. If you decided to take part, you had to cover your paper first in black with charcoal (which I did) Then build up the image using a range of tones and shapes using a rubber and charcoal. Found it kind of hard because you couldn’t use lines. But i think i learnt a lot about tones and how to use them to create depth when drawing. So even though I’m not that happy with what I did, I think I learnt loads from it.

feedback is very welcome.


Maarten Rijs said...

love the last image!! very awesome dude. i have not read force entirely, but so far its great. ill let you know what i think when im done reading it.
by the way,
do you think i can keep using pen for the life drawing?

Kristian said...

fella, i think the tonal excercise worked well for you. freed you up because of the absence of line. I felt the same way about mine. You force yourself to find the negative spave and contruct that way. I think the image you created is bang on. good drawing with you..

Jamal O said...

ThanQ Tim,

Good drawings here. Nice communication of the form.

Clive said...

Yeah, all good, very good on the two models too. Very difficult to get two figures correctly on the page, let alone one!

libra bear said...

DAAAAMMMN, I'm feeling the charcoal drawing, infact, the next seesion I have, I'm gonna try it. You've inspired me bro. In doing this, do you think you might use pencil differenty?

Maarten Rijs said...

hey tim,

i guess i dont feel stuck in the mud, but i dont wanna get stuck in paterns. i believe your right, its good to experiment. so..i just had life session, and i didnt use pen. i used pencil. finally a nice session again.

by the way...
i REALLY love the charcoal experiment. its so beautifull. makes me wanna try it too... must be superduper hard though.

anyway... gotta sleep. looking forward to your next post :)

messytimbo said...

thank you everyone for your comments they mean a lot.

k- i had a good night on monday, i learnt loads drawing with you. and i also learnt that your a fellow greek :)

jamal o - thanks man.

clive - i'm glad i've found someone who's bang on life drawing like you are, and feel free to share some of your expert advice!

wes - i highly recommend you try it! i learnt loads from doing it.
and i think it will get me using my pencil differently because it got me thinking about approching the drawing differently, and how to build up the shapes and form.

maarten - i think you should try it out, i wished i had done something like that a long time ago.

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey tim.
love your effort with drawings, the sec one ios great, nice weight on shoulders...tghe charcoal one is greatm gives you more atmosph,,,
by the way, pauline is great, hihi