Tuesday, March 11, 2008

two naked chicks

Today i had to women models, but thats enough of my sex life, ba-dom-boom-peish...huh hrm... i was a bit nervous when i saw both of them...but then i managed to get it up, ba-dom-boom-peish...heerrr haac hrmmmmm hrm...

ok, ok, enough rubbish jokes! When i saw them both, i thought "shiiiit!" i'd never drawn two models at the same time before. but i found it really enjoyable, i found with two model i had a lot of points of reference for proportion and placement, so it was actually quite helpful.

Anyways let me know what you think. i'd really love some feed back on these and the ones on the last post. i think i'm gonna post my life drawing asap, so that when i get feed back, i can apply the suggestion to my next session.


Simon ROUBY said...

I was there too!
Man, if you come to the foundry, it is actually tomorrow, i got confused.
It is some paintings, but we'll draw on the wall.

Maarten Rijs said...

duuuude I think this are your best life drawings ive seen so far! they are super. what more can I say? my favorites are 1,2 4 and 5. maaaaaaaaaan i wanna do some life drawing!!!! in london you seem to have like 10 different classes, why dont I live in london?!
anyway, shape, proportion, shading, its all great. love them. good to see you managed to get it up.... LOL.

yeaaa watercolors! I knew I was missing something. it will be quite relaxing to do some painting again. its a good medecine for stress haha, I recommend it.
sucks that its winter though.

so far the books really good, ill let you know when im done reading.
thanks for all the help you give me dude!

Kristian said...

the secondand fourth image are the better ones. They both definately hold all the elements. They are great drawings very solid

libra bear said...

I'm looking at your drawings and I'm smiling (not because its 2 women or anything ahem). I like it when people show significant improvement. Your catching Maartenitis (thats my term for people who seem to grow real quick). I agree with K. Numbers 2 and 3 are great. Also agree with Maarten. best drawing session so far, How do you feel about them? Keep it up Tim.

Jamal O said...

ThanQ Tim,

Your a sketches are great.

Put me to shame.

for I am lazy wid de life drawing.

Doctor Cerebro said...

dude i was enjoying the first half of your post and then...
anyway, really good drawings man! really good, seriously. i am back to life drawing sessions myself and i am finding it quite hard, so... good work!

Yoyo said...

Tim, great improvement on your drawings! Bravo!
You've started losen up the lines and drawn freely.
i like them. Especially the drawing at the bottom one(2 girls back to back):)