Monday, March 31, 2008

Sketch books and animation!

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve posted any of my sketch book stuff. I’ve been sketching more than ever at the moment. This post contains my favourite drawing from my last 3 sketchbook's. There’s so much more that i could have posted, but I couldn’t be bothered to scan anymore. I’ve just started a new sketch book so I thought it would be a good time to post from the previous 3 books.
I hope you like.

And yes, some animation. It’s one of the first things I’ve done in ages, and It’s pretty crappy. I was mucking around in flash and I liked what I was doing, so I kept on wanting to see it a bit more refined. Thus what started as a square with a circle for a head turn in to a caricature off me, which is ultimately a square with a head...which is circular? but now i don't like it much. (but when do i ever like my work :) )
It’s got a lightbox and a chair in the background, and i was toying with the notion that he was going to grab the chair and start doing something at the light box, but I think it’s a bit cliché. So i think I’m going to scrap the background. If anyone’s got a idea about what he (I) could do next I’m all ears...unlike my caricature which has no ears.

drop in from messytimbo on Vimeo.


Alex Boakye said...

Hi Tim;

Great post - i really like the sketch of Kye; he's so cute. Real good to see you animating again too; keep it going.


Kristian said...

I've been meaning to ask you if I could look at your sketchbook. Now I don't have to. The tube sketches are really nice. You have some great characters in there. Have you tried the brush pen? I think it would suit your quick drawing style..
p.s.i can't see the video

messytimbo said...

i think i've fix the video problem.

thanks for your comments guys.

i've done some brush pen sketches before, two in the in the post are done with a blue brush pen, the monkey, thought i've gone over it in pen and there's one of a guy in a trilby. it's funny you mentioned it because i found the pen in one of my jacket pockets today. i'll start using it tomorrow, and i'll post the results.

Ross Burt said...

hey Tim, great to hear from you, thanks for the kind words. Your site is full of great stuff, real nice life drawings, and it's always good to see sketchbook pages, that's what it's all about!

in answer to your comic flaovured questions - I'm using an online printers based in the US called Ka-Blam, and they seem to be working out pretty well, i'm just waiting on my first bulk order coming in the next few weeks, but the proof copies and communication with them has been great. Plus the dollar rate is in our favour just now, so good times :) The best thing about using the site is that it has a template file u can download, so u can instantly start drawing your pages to the correct size, checking crop marks etc. But good luck, always great to hear of another comic creator! I'm gonna be at Bristol comic con in may, and hopefully a con at the london expo at the end of may, so if you make it to either would be great to meet you. Keep sketching!!


Ross Burt said...

yeah, this next one in london is a comic and movie con, and it's down near docklands at the excel centre, i haven't booked it yet but when i do i'll let u know for sure. check it out here

Maarten Rijs said...

WHAAT!?!?!?! Im the 5th to comment? lol. that does not happen very often.

ANIMATION!!!!!!!!!!! YES!! FINALLY. awesome man!! like the character a lot.

and those observational sketches are better than ever, i love all of them!

Ken said...

brilliant loose sketches you got going mate. And the wee animation is rockin!

libra bear said...

Your sketch work in terms of proportion has definately improved bro. I like the drawing of Kye and the womans face. I think K is right about the brush pen thing. The hatchin still feels like and after thought, I'm not sure what to suggest.Overall great stuff bro.

libra bear said...

Actually, I take back what I said about the hatchin, I think maybe, just maybe its the type of drawing your applying to. Maybe washes suits your style better. I was looking at stef sketches and he hatches the same way sometimes but the line work is different. Maybe we could talk over the phone about it. By the way, thanks for the crit. You were spot on about the feet thing.

Tevik Avakyan said...

Great work! Makes me want to sketch as well. Hope to see more of your work soon.

Maarten Rijs said...

thanks man!!
yesterday i tried out that tone excercise you mentioned... I totally screwed it up haha, I dont really get it. Could you explain it a bit more?

looking forward to more animation!

Joe Karg said...

I can see you're taking full advantage of the blogs. I see you comment on a number guys all the time, and that's so great. You're really learning and applying so much of what is being offered in this community. I used to think that I was taking big steps, but if that's true, then you are traveling by leaps and bounds.

I can't believe how good you've become in such a short time. It's inspiring.


Evertsen said...

Hey that animation is cool. that's the first thing I thought when watching it. I like your sketches too.

Maarten Rijs said...

it makes me so much more pleased to read your comments. thanks!!

I have not really been thinking about that to be honest.
i cant say i havent been dreaming, i do that all day long haha. but I didnt/dont feel like I am/was close to that step.
I know that im gonna have to move to a different country eventually. and im looking forward to that day.

What kind of work do you mean? and do you mean an art school or animation school?

Im sorry to answer your question with more questions haha, truth is I have no idea really what my next step is gonna be.
My main point the last few months (and probably the next few years.. lol) has been to get good at drawing.

That left hand excercise doesnt sound dumb at all. im gonna try it friday. ive never drawn with my left hand so that gonna be interesting, lol.

Maarten Rijs said...

oh just read your new comment.
Ive had french classes for 3 years when i was in highschool.

I stink at it! hahaha. seriously french is so hard.

however, i cant say ive been trying too hard to learn it, i was not exactly motivated in highschool.

ofcourse ive been dreaming of gobelins.. but besides the fact that my french sucks, you gotta be a master at drawing to get accepted. what frustrates me sometimes is that theres no way i can look into the future and see how long its gonna take til im a decent draughtsman.
I could make it my goal to try to get into gobelins next year (they only accept applications until the end of march) but i have no idea if its reasonable to think im gonna be any good at drawing then.

i could always take french lessons or something thats not the biggest problem i think.
but forget about learning english?!? i should brush up on my english too hehe, after all its my dream to get a job in the us or england.

ah i wish i could see into the future. by the way, i just read gobelins has english summerschool.

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

aeee well done..
i loved the animation, nice eyebrowns job,,,very fluid..
congrats man,,, welcome back

Maarten Rijs said...

no way! I tried sketching with my left hand yesterday and i think its probably my best sketch of the session hahaha. thanks for mentioning that.

that sounds like a plan!! summer 2009 duude!!

Maarten Rijs said...

thanks bro
I feel more confident doing life drawing I guess. i wish i would make the same progress with my normal drawing.
I did draw the face with my left hand by the way, just really carefull.

give me something to comment on dude! :)

Steve Stamp said...

Kye looks so good - I can really see him in that sketch.

That animated dude is a proper little menace, you got that 'Im gona do something destructive' expression spot on. It made me go back and look at all the other stuff you've done.

Do you listen to that thing I sent you?