Monday, March 10, 2008

a quick little post of last weeks life drawing.

I'm going again on Tuesday night as well. so i thought I'd post these quickly before the drawings start mounting up. I'll probably post again on Wednesday.
i still need to post my sketchbook stuff. maybe I'll stick them up next week.

i would really, really love some feedback on these. it's good when i get feed back because it gives me some to think about, and tryout in my next session. so any critiques are most welcome

Below! :) a little sketch of my girlfriend lyd


Maarten Rijs said...

sweet bro. unfortunatly I missed the life session this week.
love the 4th one, and the one of your girlfriend.
I wish I could give you a more usefull comment!

Kristian said...

the top one is your best yet. A tricky position but you handled it well. The sketch of miss mc court is very good indeed. You are going from strength to strength!

libra bear said...

I a little confused. All I read was,a sketch of my girl and above it saw some woman posing naked, I was like, DAMN Tim, you dont have to post everything you draw LOL. What I'm starting to like about your drawings is the sense of weight your putting in them. You seem to be growing quite fast lately. Nice one. I thought you were gonna try the light and dark thing?

messytimbo said...


geeze, if i did draw a picture of lyd naked like that i wouldn't be alive to post it hahahaha. just for future reference, lyd’s the girl beeeeeelow the fat naked women. for the light and dark thing i think that these were drawn before i read your comment, these are from... monday last week... i think?...darn! I’m getting confused.
Anyways, I did keep it in mind for the session I’ve just came back from. I found it a little hard to think about and do, coz we had two models this week, so I was kinda concentrating on just getting them both down. But i’m gonna keep it in mind when I’m just doing my daily sketches, and for next weeks session.

Willy Ashworth said...

Love this one Messy Timbo

Came to your blog via Clive Poseys' blog.

Nice drawing indeed!

Willy Ashworth